We are a leader in building communities, subdivisions and
underground utility construction in Southern Alberta.

Underground Utilities

We are one of the largest underground utility contractors in Southern Alberta. With extensive experience in subdivision, municipal and commercial construction, we are experts in all aspects of sewer and water construction, including sizeable deep utility installations, sanitary, storm and water lines, feeder and force mains, and trunk lines.

Project Example

Metis Trail West Extension

Lethbridge, Alberta

The Metis Trail West project delivered an arterial roadway link from the existing roundabout south of Whoop-up Drive on the west side of Lethbridge to the newest development of the Copperwood Subdivision. Originally constructed as a two-lane road, this project has expanded the roadway to 4 lanes with two additional roundabouts. The completion of this road has allowed for reduced traffic congestion in entering and exiting the Copperwood subdivision and Varsity Village.

The surface works of this project include a 4-lane arterial road from Coalbanks to Temple Blvd with a multi-lane roundabout at Temple Blvd, with a 2-lane interim arterial road from Temple Blvd to the new Coalbrook Gate traffic circle entering Copperwood. Included in the surface works of this project are regional asphalt pathways that incorporated recycled glass from the City Landfill in the granular base.

The Scope of Work for the project included but was not limited to the deep utility improvements (sanitary, water and storm mains as well as a large stormwater management facility), and shallow utilities (re-alignment of existing, and new installation) for the area. The surface works of this project included landscaping (retaining walls, post and cable fence, plantings and vegetation), concrete flatwork (curb & gutter, sidewalks, wheel chair ramps, etc.) and paving (regional pathways, multi-lane roadway).

Given the project size and varied work scopes required significant Project Management oversight to facilitate concurrent work activities in order to complete the project on time.