Supplying the best quality materials and service
to out clients all over Southern Alberta.

Asphalt, Aggregate & Custom Crushing

We supply gravel, rock and sand products for both civil and commercial construction as well as custom crushing. We supply all types of hot mix asphalt, cold mix and recycled asphalt products throughout Southern Alberta. McNally’s SC Cold Mix is purchased by over 30 municipalities from Calgary to Saskatchewan to the BC Kootenays. We Deliver!

How We Do It

With two asphalt plants in Southern Alberta, one in Lethbridge and the other just outside of Fort Macleod. McNally offers our valued customers the ability to purchase hot and cold mix asphalt products while keeping trucking costs down. We have in-house quality control personnel who closely monitor mix production. We can ensure that our products meet Alberta Transportation and City of Lethbridge specs, so we supply nothing but a top-quality product.

In Lethbridge, we have a state-of-the-art asphalt plant where we can make various hot mixes. By adding Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) to our hot mix, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact. This keeps asphalt out of the landfills and reduces the use of natural resources.

Below is a list of the standard hot and cold mixes we produce. We also sell ‘SS-1’, also known as tack oil or prime coat at our Lethbridge facility.

Mix Type Top Size Location
Lethbridge Type 2 (L2) 25mm Lethbridge / Fort Macleod
Lethbridge Type 1 (L1) 16mm Lethbridge / Fort Macleod
Lethbridge Type 3 (L3) 12.5mm Lethbridge / Fort Macleod
Lethbridge Type 3 fine 12.5mm Lethbridge / Fort Macleod
Sand Mix Lethbridge / Fort Macleod
RCM Cold Mix 16mm Lethbridge / Fort Macleod
MCM Cold Mix 16mm Fort Macleod
FCM Cold Mix Fort Macleod