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Paving & Grading

Our Paving and Grading Division is committed to serving the City of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. From humble beginnings 46 years ago in the East Kootenays, McNally has evolved with decades of roadbuilding, base, and paving experience. A modern fleet of equipment, multiple crews and flexibility of service, McNally will manage and construct projects varying in size and complexity. We specialize in grading, site preparation, asphalt paving and repairs for highways, municipal roadways, subdivisions, parking lots, airports, pathways, and bridge decks. We have crews specialized for industry and commercial projects that require stringent pre-qualifications. McNally will provide quality and value for your project.

Project Example

Entrance Road Rehabilitation

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Located in Waterton Lakes National Park, Highway 5 serves as an 8.6km access road to the townsite of Waterton Park. Waterton National Park required an overlay of the entrance road from Highway 5 to the townsite limits in order to restore and bring new life to the main road.

Located near the access to Linnet Lake are 4 concrete salamander crossings. These crossings are utilized so that the salamander and amphibians native to Linnet Lake can cross Highway 5 without traffic hindrance. These concrete crossings have small perforations on top that required covering during the milling and paving operations so as to not plug up and contaminate the inside of the box culvert/amphibian crossing.

Within the first few hundred meters of Highway 5 entering into the Park lies a large wetland. This wetland required additional attention while spreading tack coat and asphalt paving. Working with Parks Environmental and BearTracks Environmental, we protected the wetland from any possible oil and asphalt infiltration.