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Concrete Curb & Gutter

McNally Contractors specializes in curb and gutter, sidewalk and mono walk, concrete swales, highway dividers and pinned curbs. We provide construction management, specialty concrete, turnkey maintenance, and repair solutions. McNally’s modern fleet and large manpower division of dedicated concrete professionals can complete any project our clients require. In-addition, we manufacture and supply concrete precast products including traffic curbs, jersey, and low-profile concrete barriers.

Project Example

Henderson Lake Trail

Lethbridge, Alberta

Located in the center of Lethbridge, Henderson Lake is one of the city’s largest parks and walking paths. A special project for McNally and the City of Lethbridge, Henderson Trail is a 2.9 km trail that goes all around the whole lake.

McNally Replaced 1.1 km of the trail on the north side of the lake with unique coloured and stamped concrete, replacing the old pathway that was previously a combination of brick and asphalt. To remove the old bricks, we had to hand-dig them all out, clean and place them on pallets to salvage and reuse on another project. Excavation for the base was challenging given the proximity to existing trees within the project footprint required to remain in place. To facilitate construction and minimize impact, work was completed within a singular path of travel; this was achieved through equipment and vehicles backing down the trail for the entirety of its length.