Proud to support our future generations by supplying
and supporting renewable energy projects.

Renewable Energy

Southern Alberta has an abundance of wind and sun throughout the year and is, therefore, an ideal location for this renewable resource for current and future generations. McNally is an industry leader in Southern Alberta for both construction support and material supply. Specialty products include manufacture and trucking for Gravel Insulating rock and Thermo Bedding sand. Yes We Deliver!

Project Example

Windrise Windfarm Siteworks

Ardenville, Alberta

The Windrise Windfarm Project is located in Ardenville – approximately 25km south of Fort Macleod, Alberta. It consists of 43 Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) producing a total capacity of 207 MW, an underground collector system, a substation and a transmission line that connects to another nearby substation. Construction began in the spring of 2020, with final reclamation works to be completed in 2022.

Construction began in early 2020, with the kickoff of site activities in late March, coinciding with the initial outbreak of COVID-19. McNally Contractors worked diligently to minimize the impact this had on the project. Throughout the project’s lifecycle, it scaled its site presence to ensure that no scheduled milestones were missed. This was crucial to the project’s success due to all other contractors relying on the infrastructure that we put in place so they could start their work on schedule.

Given the complexities of the scope and the overlapping of sub-trades, McNally Contracting had a dedicated project management team working diligently with project stakeholders to minimize disruptions to the construction workforce. At the field level, construction crews required a significant level of flexibility to meet the evolving demand of the project, whether it be the construction of roadways, installation of culverts or ongoing maintenance of project access roads. We accommodated as the scope changed, with minimal schedule extension.

In addition to the complexities of the scope, the project extended across many different landowner’s properties. This required careful attention to material balancing and distribution. Maintaining good relationships with the landowners allowed for a mutually beneficial relationship. This contributed to the overall success of the project.