Our vast fleet of trucks and tractors makes
McNally Contractors your first choice.

Trucking & Heavy Hauling

McNally Contractors has one of the largest heavy construction fleets in Southern Alberta, with over 20 highway tractors, gravel and water trucks. Vertical integration servicing internal hauling for 15 to 20 heavy civil construction crews, McNally also has a large dedicated group of independent truckers that can provide any hauling or equipment moving requirements. Our clean modern equipment is one of the most visible fleets in Southern Alberta. #mcnallycanhaul

How We Do It

McNally Contractors has a full complement of trucks from heavy haul low beds to skid steer trailers. Our fleet includes a full line of gravel trucks for hauling gravel, asphalt, loam, concrete or any other materials. We are a self-sustaining company that has the ability to move products and equipment to and from our job sites based on the scope of what is required.

Our extensive fleet includes:

  • 13 Truck Pups
  • 2 End Dumps
  • 3 Super B Side Dumps
  • 2 Live-Bottom Trailers
  • 5 Tractors
  • 8 Water Trucks

This equipment lets us meet the needs of all our projects and helps us move equipment and materials easily through multiple trailer configurations.

Our family of heavy haul trailers includes a collection of tandem Jeep, Tri-trailers, Tandem Boosters, and tri and tandem low beds. These trucks can move anything from 637 scrapers, 349 hoes, 988 loaders, pavers, rollers, crushers, and graders, all the way down to skid seers.